Monster: The Kali Muscle Story

When you look at me what do you see? Do you see a man with a successful rising career, someone with a body of art, a man with a beautiful wife? Well it hasn't always been like that for me.

Born into the deep streets of East Oakland, I had to learn how to survive. I was the second born to a single mother on welfare trying to maintain two young men on her own. Reading this you will see my story, feel my pain and understand my journey of losing my brother and uncle.

You will hear about my journey through bodybuilding, see my rise and fall of a promising football career, and walk along with me while I do prison time, drug deals, pimping, stripping, and gang affiliation. You will see my transition to Godly principles, meet my soul mate and experience my new success.

You think you know me, well come along with me on this roller coaster ride and see if you can relate to my struggles of learning what true love is really about, something I didn't know anything about until God put my wife in my life. I never knew what love was growing up. I can say now that I have found my place in life and I am where I need to be and fulfilling my dreams. Step into my world!

Happier Than A Bodybuilder Directing Traffic

Kali Muscle stands in the middle of the street and directs traffic while he happily poses. The commercial goes to two men who say that GEICO customers are happy, even happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.

Lateral Raise Alternative

People often complain because they "lack" training equipment.  How about the human body?  How about a partner?  The human body is a dynamic machine capable of endless movements. Heres an alternative for lateral raises to develop the deltoids.  Have partner grab your hands or wrist from the outside
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Biceps Curl Using Plastic Bag or Towel

When California took weights out of the State Prisons, inmates were furious.  Lifting weights was not only for self defense in the difficult prison life, but also an outlet for stress. This biceps exercise was formulated by Kali Muscle before the weights were taken out.  Kali had anticipated the weights being taken out so he…
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