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When you look at me what do you see? Do you see a man with a successful rising career, someone with a body of art, a man with a beautiful wife? Well it hasn’t always been like that for me.

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Helping Troubled Youth

Kali Muscles mission is to help youth around the world. If you would like Kali Muscle to attend a seminar, school, juvenile hall, please contact us.

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The Kali Muscle Story

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The Geico Bodybuilder

Kali Muscle!

Article by Muscle and Fitness: Geico, not a bad ad franchise to be a part of, eh? Bodybuilder Kali Muscle scored a role in one of the car insurance's latest ads, and he puts some impressive poses together as he guards the streets against gridlock. Kali's latest foray into the advertising world inspired us to look for clips of bodybuilders past and present who were featured in memorable ads. Enjoy!


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Kali Muscle

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Kali Muscle

Actor, Writer, Body Builder

Kali Muscle was born and raised in Oakland, California.

Even though Kali had a rough and tragic childhood, He still pursued his passion for football and received a football scholarship to Fresno State as a running back.Kali decided he had to relocate to Los Angeles in 2010 in order to become successful in acting and bodybuilding.

Kali's first project was only two weeks after his arrival in L.A. after auditioning for a Matthew MCconaughey project which Kali ended up booking. After Kali Muscle first stint with acting things took off fast for Kali Muscle's career. Read More



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Movies and Projects

TV Series, Commercials, Short Films

 When two Producers are threatened by their boss to make a successful movie, they turn to the only solution they can think of. Kill an actor - movie makes money. Read More
  Get ready for an International incident.Read More
Raising Hope
Jimmy becomes a single parent to an infant after the mother he had a one-night stand with ends up on death row.Read More
A single-camera comedy featuring three friends who work together as telemarketers from 9 to 5 and live together from 5 to 9.Read More
Kali Muscle stands in the middle of the street and directs traffic while he happily poses. The commercial goes to two men who say that GEICO customers are happy, even happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. Watch
Kali Muscle first National Commercial. Watch
HomeGeico Weightlifter -- Bodybuilding Saved Me ... From Gang Life GEICO WEIGHTLIFTER BODYBUILDING SAVED ME... From Gang Life. Watch
Bodybuilders gather for a glorious morning at Selena's Spray Tan. Wanna pump up your business? Turn to GoDaddy. Get ready because it's go time! Watch  

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