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Available at all major book retail outlets. http://www.amazon.com/Xcon-Icon-Kali-Muscle-Story/dp/1421886766

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Taking 35% body fat

Down to 12%

Get your watches at http://imgweaver.com/collections/kali-muscle

Watches available for a limited time.

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Xcon to Icon Foundation

Helping Troubled Youth

Kali Muscles mission is to help youth around the world. If you would like Kali Muscle to attend a seminar, school, juvenile hall, please contact us.

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Calisthenics Series

Learn Calisthenics

Stay in tune for the new calisthenics series in which Kali will teach how one can maximize strength gains from ones own bodyweight.

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The Geico Bodybuilder

Kali Muscle!

Article by Muscle and Fitness: Geico, not a bad ad franchise to be a part of, eh? Bodybuilder Kali Muscle scored a role in one of the car insurance's latest ads, and he puts some impressive poses together as he guards the streets against gridlock. Kali's latest foray into the advertising world inspired us to look for clips of bodybuilders past and present who were featured in memorable ads. Enjoy!

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Kali Muscle

Bodybuilder, actor, athlete.

Kali Muscle is not an unknown face in the entertainment world.

You might have seen him in several national commercials- Geico, Godaddy, Taco Bell to name a few.

But it doesn’t stop there.  On YouTube, you will find dozens of Kali Muscle videos with millions of views on each video.  In particular, the mini life story that was released in 2013 titled: Monster- The Kali Muscle video which gained over 15 million views in under a year.

Today you will find Kali Muscle training daily, uploading content regularly on YouTube, filming commercials and working on his foundation Xcon to Icon- Benefiting troubled youth around the nation.  This website is here to keep fans and supporters up to date with current projects.

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Team Showstoppaz

Check out Kali Muscles team:

    Train with Kali

    Would you like Kali to train you?


    Very serious clients only.  Few limited spots open.

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    Would you like Kali to Speak at your event?

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